Green Sprouts in the Circle

Dirt Circle was a loose network of graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, writers and photographers that worked together from 2007-2014. Now we have our own projects, solo careers and companies. You can see some of our sprouts by clicking our names below.

creaturesSondra Eisenstat: Print and Web Designer
Miriam Suzanne: Print and Web Designer, Web Developer
Aaron Liechty: Illustrator, Print and Web Designer
Tim Nafziger: Web Developer, Photographer
Carl Meyer: Web Developer, Programmer
Jonny Gerig Meyer: Web Developer
Dan Eisenstat: Photographer
Peter Hartman: Web Developer, Programmer
Hannah Gerig Meyer: Designer, Visual Artist, Photographer
Jacob Liechty: Illustrator, Designer
Arshavir Grigorian: Web Developer, Programmer
Jeremy John: Web Developer, Writer, and Editor
Peter Gilbert: Web Developer, Programmer
Nathan Eanes: Web Designer and Developer